About our cricket coaching services in Birmingham

Our Mission

Digi Coach Cricket Coaching is a specialist grassroots service providing High performance skills coaching, fixtures and resources to cricketers who want the opportunity to develop their games. Whether you are facing your first ball in the playground, crossing the boundary into the senior environment or wishing to pursue your dreams of higher honours.

All year round cricket coaching in Birmingham

Digi Coach provides cricket players of all ages the opportunity to improve their cricket skills, not only in summer, but all year round. Traditionally, only professional and elite cricket players have had access to such high class facilities. The brains behind Digi Coach wanted to ensure that players of all levels could have access to the facilities at Central Birmingham Cricket Academy and train all year round irrespective of the weather.

Our Approach

We at Digi Coach we do not put all our students in one basic structure of training. We appreciate that each individual student is at a different level of their cricketing know how and we cater to their personal needs as and when required rather than having each student to go through the same basic session. Take the first step and explore your true potential.

Equality through Cricket

Our goal at Digi Coach is to see everyone involved in sports that encourage them to develop, learn and socialize. Regardless of financial circumstances and conditions, we seek to be open and affordable to all in order to encourage each individual to optimize their potential.

Our History

We are a group of experienced cricketers who have played cricket for decades and in different leagues around the UK. With experience comes knowledge & we are here to share the same with you.We provide cricket coaching in Birmingham, in an unconventional way that you or your children have never experienced before.