How To Bowl LEG-SPIN & Variations | GOOGLY, TOP-SPIN, SLIDER, FLIPPER. Eranga Mendis Wrist-Spin Tips

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Eranga Mendis’ Spin Bowling Clinic –

Former Sri-Lankan First-Class cricketer and current elite spin bowling coach, Eranga Mendis, gives a technical leg-spin masterclass covering the bowling action, run-up, grips and variations.


0:00 – Video overview.
0:45 – Run-up.
1:18 – Using the bowling crease.
1:50 – Bowling action.
2:23 – Leg-spinner grip, tips and advice.
3:15 – Googly grip, tips and advice.
3:54 – Googly variation; grip, tips and advice.
4:42 – Top-spinner grip, tips and advice.
5:17 – Slider grip, tips and advice.
6:14 – Flipper grip, tips and advice.
7:05 – Wrist-spin strategy.
8:35 – WATCH MORE – Eranga Mendis’ Off-Spin Masterclass on Cricket Life Stories.

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Interview by Neel Khagram

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